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International Journal


2020 - present

  • Seunghyuk Choi, Shinyeong Ju, Jinwon LeeSeungjin Na, Cheolju Lee*, and Eunok Paek* (2020) Proteogenomic Approach to UTR Peptide Identification Journal of proteome research, 19(1), 212-220. (SCI Impact Factor: 3.78)

    2015 - 19

  • Jihye Shin, Yumi Kwon, Seonjeong Lee, Seungjin Na, Eun Young Hong, Shinyeong Ju, Hyun-Gyo Jung, Prashant Kaushal, Sungho Shin, Ji Hyun Back, Seon Young Choi, Eun Hee Kim, Su Jin Lee, Yae Eun Park, Hee-Sung Ahn, Younghee Ahn, Mohammad Humayun Kabir, Seong-Jun Park, Won Suk Yang, Jeonghun Yeom, Oh Young Bang, Chul-Won Ha, Jin-Won Lee, Un-Beom Kang, Hye-Jung Kim, Kang-Sik Park, J. Eugene Lee, Ji Eun Lee, Jin Young Kim, Kwang Pyo Kim, Youngsoo Kim, Hisashi Hirano, Eugene C. Yi, Je-Yoel Cho, Eunok Paek, and Cheolju Lee* (2019) Common Repository of FBS Proteins (cRFP) To Be Added to a Search Database for Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Cell Secretome Journal of proteome research, 18(10), 3800-3806. (SCI Impact Factor: 3.78)
  • Seungin Na, Jihyung Kim and Eunok Peak* (2019) MODplus: Robust and Unrestrictive Identification of Post-Translational Modifications Using Mass Spectrometry Analytical Chemistry, 91, 11324-11333. (SCI Impact Factor: 6.35)
  • Seungjin Na,  Jae-Jin Lee, JongWha J. Joo, Kong-Joo Lee & Eunok Paek* (2019) deMix: Decoding Deuterated Distributions from Heterogeneous Protein States via HDX-MS Scientific Reports, 9, 3176. (SCI Impact Factor: 4.122 )
  • Dong-Gi Mun, Jinhyuk Bhin, Sangok Kim, Hyunwoo Kim, Jae Hun Jung, Yeonjoo Jung, Ye Eun Jang, Jong Moon Park, Hokeun Kim, Yeonhwa Jung, Hangyeore Lee, Jingi Bae, Seunghoon Back, Su-Jin Kim, Jieun Kim, Heejin Park, Honglan Li, Kyu-Baek Hwang, Young Soo Park, Jeong Hwan Yook, Byung Sik Kim, Sun Young Kwon, Seung Wan Ryu, Do Youn Park, Tae Yong Jeon, Dae Hwan Kim, Jae-Hyuck Lee, Sang-Uk Han, Kyu Sang Song, Dongmin Park, Jun Won Park, Henry Rodriguez, Jaesang Kim, Hookeun Lee, Kwang Pyo Kim, Eun Gyeong Yang*, Hark Kyun Kim*, Eunok Paek*, Sanghyuk Lee*, Sang-Won Lee*, and Daehee Hwang* (2019) Proteogenomic Characterization of Human Early-Onset Gastric Cancer Cancer Cell 35, 111-124. (SCI Impact Factor: 22.844)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Hyunjin Jo  and Eunok Paek* (2018) Data-Dependent Scoring Parameter Optimization in MS-GF+ Using Spectrum Quality Filter Journal of Proteome Research 17, 3593-3598. (SCI Impact Factor: 4.173)
  • Inamul HasanMadar , Wonyeop Lee, Xiaojing Wang, Seung-Ik Ko, Hokeun Kim, Dong-Gi Mun, Bing Zhang*, Eunok Paek* and Sang-Won Lee* (2018) Comprehensive and sensitive proteogenomics data analysis strategy based on complementary multi-stage database seach International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 427 11-19. (SCI Impact Factor: 1.702)
  • Jeonghun Yeom , YunJin Choi, Shinyeong Ju, Cheolju Lee*, and Eunok Paek (2017) Comprehensive analysis of human protein N-termini enables assessment of various protein forms Scientific Reports7, 6599. (SCI Impact Factor: 4.259)
  • Honglan Li , Jonghun Park, Hyunwoo Kim, Kyu-Baek Hwang*, and Eunok Paek* (2017) A systematic comparison of false discovery rate-controlling strategies for proteogenomic search using spike-in experiments Journal of Proteome Research,16(6), 2231-2239. (SCI Impact Factor: 4.173)
  • Seunghyuk Choi, Hyunwoo Kim , and Eunok Paek*. (2017) ACTG: novel peptide mapping onto gene models Bioinformatics ,33(8), 1218-1220. (SCI Impact Factor: 5.766)
  • Honglan Li, Yoonsung Joh, Hyunwoo Kim, Eunok Paek, Sangwon Lee, and Kyubaek Hwang*. (2016) Evaluating the effect of database inflation in proteogenomics search on sensitive and reliable peptide identification BMC Genomics,17(13), 1471-2164.(SCI Impact Factor: 3.986)
  • Hyunwoo Kim, Hosung Jo, Heejin Park*, and Eunok Paek. (2015) HiXCorr: A Portable High-speed XCorr Engine for High-resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry Bioinformatics,31(24), 4026-4028.(SCI Impact Factor: 4.981)
  • Hyunwoo Kim, Heejin Park*, and Eunok Paek*. (2015) NextSearch: A Search Engine for Mass Spectrometry Data against a Compact Nucleotide Exon Graph Journal of Proteome Research,14(7), 2784-2791.(SCI Impact Factor: 4.245)
  • Seungjin Na, Eunok Paek, Jong-Soon Choi, Duwoon Kim, Seung Jae Lee*, and Joseph Kwon* (2015) Characterization of disulfide bonds by planned digestion and tandem mass spectrometry. Molecular BioSystems.,11(4), 1156-1164.(SCI Impact Factor: 3.183)
  • Seungjin Na and Eunok Paek* (2015) Software Eyes for Protein Post-translational Modifications. Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 34(2), 133-147.(SCI Impact Factor: 8.053)


    2010 - 14

  • Heejin Park, Junwoo Bae, Hyunwoo Kim, Sangok Kim, Hokeun Kim, Dong-Gi Mun, Yoonsung Joh, Wonyeop Lee, Sehyun Chae, Sanghyuk Lee, HarkKyun Kim, Daehee Hwang, Sang-Won Lee and Eunok Paek*. (2014) A compact variant-rich customized sequence database and a fast and sensitive database search for efficient proteogenomic analyses PROTEOMICS., 14(23-24), 2742-2749.(SCI Impact Factor: 4.132)
  • Honglan Li, Kyu-Baek Hwang, Dong-Gi Mun, Hokeun Kim, Hangyeore Lee, Sang-Won Lee, and Eunok Paek*. (2014) Estimating Influence of Cofragmentation on Peptide Quantification and Identification in iTRAQ Experiments by Simulating Multiplexed Spectra. Journal of Proteome Research,13(7), 3488-97.(SCI. Impact Factor: 5.056)
  • Kyutae Kim, Seong-Jun Park, Seungjin Na, Jun Seok Kim, Hyungwon Choi, Yoon Ki Kim, Eunok Paek*, Cheolju Lee*. (2013) Reinvestigation of Aminoacyl-TRNA Synthetase Core Complex by Affinity Purification-Mass Spectrometry Reveals TARSL2 as a Potential Member of the Complex. PLOS One, 8(12), e81734. (SCIE. Impact Factor: 3.730)
  • Jin Wook Kim, Sunho Lee, Kunsoo Park*, Seungjin Na, Eunok Paek*, Hyung Seo Park, Heejin Park, Kong-Joo Lee, Jaeho Jeong, and Hwa-Young Kim. (2012) Monoisotopic mass determination algorithm for selenocysteine-containing polypeptides from mass spectrometric data based on theoretical modeling of isotopic peak intensity ratios. Journal of Proteome Research, 11(9), 4488-4498. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.113)
  • Seungjin Na, Nuno Bandeira, and Eunok Paek*. (2012) Fast multi-blind modification search through tandem mass spectrometry. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 11(4), M111.010199-1~13. (SCI. Impact Factor: 8.354)
  • Revati Wani, Jiang Qian, Leimiao Yin, Erika Bechtold, S. Bruce King, Leslie B. Poole, Eunok Paek, Allen W. Tsang, and Cristina M. Furdui*. (2011) Isoform-specific regulation of Akt by PDGF-induced reactive oxygen species. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 108(26), 10550-10555. (SCI. Impact Factor: 9.771)
  • Jaeho Jeong, Yongsik Jung, Seungjin Na, Jihye Jeong, Eunsun Lee, Mi-Sun Kim, Sun Choi, Dong-Hae Shin, Eunok Paek, Hee-Yoon Lee*, and Kong-Joo Lee*. (2011) Novel oxidative modifications in redox-active cysteine residues. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 10(3), M110.000513. (SCI. Impact Factor: 8.791)
  • Joo Young Yoon, Jeonghun Yeom, Heebum Lee, Kyutae Kim, Seungjin Na, Kunsoo Park*, Eunok Paek*, and Cheolju Lee*. (2011) High-throughput peptide quantification using mTRAQ reagent triplex. BMC Bioinformatics, 12(Suppl 1), S46. (SCI. Impact Factor: 3.43)
  • Katleen Denoncin, Didier Vertommen, Eunok Paek, and Jean-François Collet*. (2010) The protein-disulfide isomerase DsbC cooperates with SurA and DsbA in the assembly of the essential ß-barrel protein LptD. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285, 29425-29433. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.328)
  • Joo Young Yoon, Kyung Young Lim, Sunho Lee, Kunsoo Park*, Eunok Paek*, Un-Beom Kang, Jeonghun Yeom, and Cheolju Lee. (2010) Improved quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry using quadratic equations. Journal of Proteome Research, 9(5), 2775-2785. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.684)
  • Jong Wha J. Joo, Seungjin Na, Je-Hyun Baek, Cheolju Lee, and Eunok Paek*. (2010) Target-Decoy with Mass Binning: a simple and effective validation method for shotgun proteomics using high resolution mass spectrometry. Journal of Proteome Research, 9(2), 1150-1156. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.684)
  • Seonhwa Choi, Jaeho Jeong, Seungjin Na, Hyo Sun Lee, Hwa-Young Kim, Kong-Joo Lee*, and Eunok Paek*. (2010) New algorithm for the identification of intact disulfide linkages based on fragmentation characteristics in tandem mass spectra. Journal of Proteome Research, 9(1), 626-635. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.684)


    2004 - 09

  • Seungjin Na and Eunok Paek*. (2009) Prediction of novel modifications by unrestrictive search of tandem mass spectra. Journal of Proteome Research, 8(10), 4418-4427. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.684)
  • Seungjin Na, Jaeho Jeong, Heejin Park, Kong-Joo Lee, and Eunok Paek*. (2008) Unrestrictive identification of multiple post-translational modifications from tandem mass spectrometry using an error-tolerant algorithm based on an extended sequence tag approach. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 7(12), 2452-2463. (SCI. Impact Factor: 9.425)
  • Kunsoo Park*, Joo Young Yoon, Sunho Lee, Eunok Paek*, Heejin Park, Hee-Jung Jung, and Sang-Won Lee. (2008) Isotopic peak intensity ratio based algorithm for determination of isotopic clusters and monoisotopic masses of polypeptides from high resolution mass spectrometric data. Analytical Chemistry, 80(19), 7294-7303. (SCI. Impact Factor: 5.287)
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Domestic Journal


  • Selenocysteine을 포함한 폴리펩티드의 단동위질량을 결정하는 알고리즘의 실험적 분석
    이선호, 김진욱*, 박근수, 백은옥, 박희진
    정보과학회논문지 : 컴퓨팅의 실제 및 레터, 2013, 19(5), 235-241.
  • 동위원소에 의한 펩타이드 질량분포의 근사 계산방법과 펩타이드 중수소치환에의 적용
    이경훈, 백은옥*, 나승진
    정보과학회논문지: 소프트웨어 및 응용, 2012, 39(10), 824-832.
  • 마코프 논리 기반의 시맨틱 문서 검색
    황규백, 봉성용, 구현서, 백은옥
    정보과학회논문지: 컴퓨팅의 실제 및 레터, 2010, 16(6), 663-666.
  • 대량의 프로테옴 데이타를 효과적으로 해석하기 위한 기계학습 기반 시스템
    나승진, 백은옥*
    정보과학회논문지: 소프트웨어 및 응용, 2007, 34(10), 889-899.
  • 와일드카드 문자를 포함하는 스트링 데이타 사이의 포함관계 확인을 위한 효율적인 알고리즘
    김도한, 박희진, 백은옥*
    정보과학회논문지: 시스템 및 이론, 2005, 32(9·10), 475-482.
  • 세포 신호전달 경로 데이타베이스를 위한 데이타 모델링
    박지숙, 백은옥*, 이공주, 이상혁, 이승록, 양갑석
    정보과학회논문지: 데이타베이스, 2003, 30(12), 573-584.