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Ph.D. Candidates


Wonyeop Lee (Computer Science) 


Research Interests
Bio-informatics is handling big data obtained from nature or experiments as materials, and main topic of bio-informatics is finding clinical solution or bio-marker for diagnosis of diseases. Especially, cancer is that most i interested in. Recently, large scale human EXOM sequencing and RNA sequencing experiments are carried out, so huge amount of sequencing data is collected. By this data, i want to conduct research about comparing sequencing data from experiment with reference genome sequence, and finding variations of DNA.

Keywords : Proteomics, Proteogenomics, Personalized Protein Database, Cancer genomics


Seunghyuk Choi (Computer Science) 


Research Interests
I have an interest in an interface between proteome and genome such as finding and verifying variational genes corresponding to a identified peptide/protein from MS/MS experiment, and discovering and verifying a novel/known behavior of non-coding/coding genes (mobile elements, pseudogenes something else). Furthermore, I have focused on computatoinal methodologies/developments to solve the above things such as peptide/protein identification softwares and peptide mapping onto genome something like that.

Keywords :  mobile element, non-coding gene, peptide/protein identification, sequence mapping, pseudogene, FDR control


M.S. Candidates


Jinwon Lee (Computer Science) 

Research Interests

My interests are to extract large data about biological question using computer technology and to analyze it in order to find a new insight.



Keywords : Proteomics, Datamining, Database, Deep Learning, Systems biology



Jihoon Na (Computer Science) 


Research Interests
Single omics information does not provide an accurate insight into life phenomena. It is because each life matter functions by mutual interaction. Therefore, it is more accurate to predict the life phenomenon by integrating various omics information. My area of ​​interest is to make better predictions of life phenomena using multiple omics information such as DNA, RNA, and Protein. And i'm also interested in statistics and machine learning approach to analyse these information .

Keywords : Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Deep Learning, Statistics


Mincheol Jeon (Computer Science) 


Research Interests
The data that we now generate overwhelm our abilities of interpretation. My research goal is to appropriately interpret the biological data using system biology and bioinformatics. I am especially interested in health and longevity and I hope that my research contributes to the healthy life of people.

Keywords : systems biology, bioinformatics, longevity



Daewook Kwon (Computer Science) 


Research Interests
I would like to analyze genome sequencing changes and study links with various diseases, including rare diseases and cancer genetics. In addition, I also hoped to combine artificial intelligence with bioinformatics to analyze rare disease and cancer genomes individually and develop personalized disease prevention and treatment systems.

Keywords : bioinformatics, artificial intelligence